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The single goal of nop.ROCKS is to contribute to the growth of nopCommerce by making it more adaptable to main stream, less technical customers building new stores or migrating live stores to Microsoft Azure. Updating the Administration side and tight chat integration is where we began our focus.

 New Administration Theme for nopCommerce 3.6  nop.CHAT Native chat management in nopCommerce
nop.ADMIN Prototype nop.CHAT (Default Theme)

How will we accomplish this? Simple, we are following and listening to the vibrant nopCommerce community. While also seeking to create relationships with other nopCommerce Solution Providers wherever possible We can all help each other in this open-source community!

In our own experience and in reviewing the most searched terms in the nopCommerce Official Community Forums, it was very clear that there is a strong demand for online chat, so we built nop.CHAT. Which is the only chat solution that provides a NATIVE nopCommerce Administration integration! Yes, you control your chats in Admin, not a third party portal. It is totally FREE for the first Agent!

At the same time, we are giving away our nop.AZURE service, where we will install nopCommerce on Microsoft Azure and configure Application Insights to monitor the web application and alert administrators or other stake holders if there is an issue - for free. Building on Azure is just the first step, the next thing we do is include our nop.DESIGN Plugin for the customers to be able to change their logo, the default colors, including background, of the Default Theme and the Fonts used in the Default Theme without ever touching an FTP client application!

Imagine what our Professional Services can do for you, please visit our Customizations to learn more!

As the company behind nop.ROCKS, liferevsLABS is a Microsoft centric boutique development house; we are able to provide endless extendibility to nopCommerce.

Featured products

nop.CHAT RC3

Native nopCommerce Chat Solution. Customizable button, chat window, departments and much more! Full Blown Administration side included! Grab your FREE FOREVER account today!
$39.95 $0.00

nop.EVENTS (Monthly)

Calendar everything right in Admin. Our nop.EVENTS Calendar let's you create internal and external events and more! This product is not yet final. Please add it to your Wishlist to vote it up in priority!
$22.00 $15.00

nop.DESIGN (Monthly)

Change your logo, favicon, the buttons with their hover color, the store background color, the default "No Image" image, the Admin logo and background without ever calling your IT guy or touching an FTP client!
$9.99 $4.99

nop.SERVICE (Monthly)

Open, track and manage Service Request Tickets natively in nopCommerce. Manage Tickets converted from chats!
$23.99 $15.00
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